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NTSC (National Television System Commitee) and PAL (Phase Alternating Line) are Television Broadcast formats. NTSC is used in North America, Japan and South America. PAL is used in Australia, SE Asia, UK and Europe.

Most PAL DVD players and televisions made in the past 5 years or so generally support NTSC playback. This means that they will successfully play DVDs in the NTSC format. However, both the DVD player and the television set must be NTSC capable to allow playback. The ability of X-box and PlayStation games console to playback NTSC format appears to vary from one DVD title to another.

Before you send back any “Faulty” product may we first ask you to follow a few simple testing points as follows.

We find that quite often, there is a simple solution and many seemingly faulty toys can be easily fixed by taking due care.

Make sure you have the batteries in correctly this is the most common cause of malfunction.
Make sure the cap is tightly closed! (Especially for waterproof products)
Check battery contacts, springs sometimes can compress extend them a little.
Check contacts for corrosion a greenish colour on the metal of the battery contact.
If, after checking all the above points, your toy is still not buzzing, we will gladly replace it. See our Return Policy section for more information.

For your information:

Prolonged use may result in motor failure due to overheating.
Use of Alkaline batteries is the most common cause of “Burnout”. We recommend that only Heavy Duty batteries are suitable for use in Adult Toys.
All products at A.O. Adult Store are battery checked to ensure they are in good working order when you receive them

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