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An exciting group game for 2 – 8 players involving fun, friends, laughter, naughtiness and a seriously good time! Hours of hysterical fun for all. Fantastic new game play, exciting titillating forfeits plus cute themed playing pieces including Cock, Beaver, Puppies, Pawn, Stallion, Rabbit, Snake and Pussy.

Build up your adult empire by throwing the dice and moving around the board. Use your business acumen to decide which are the best businesses to buy including the raunchy Peppermint Hippo, The Full Mountie, King Dong, Dollywood and Martin Scores-easy! Buy up as many as you can afford, wait for your friends to land on them and see what happens! Just be careful not to grow too quickly or you could end up “losing your shirt” and a lot more besides!

Risky and Frisky forfeit cards test you friends sexual knowledge and result in hilarious forfeits for them if they get it wrong and for you or other players if they are right! Would you know how long a pigs orgasm lasts or what are the most recorded ejaculations in 1 hr for a man? Find out this and lots more on your route to the top.

Winner: The person with the greatest boardroom skills and best bedroom knowledge!


Get creative with the wild 50 Ways To Tease Your Lover game. The raunchy, adult fun game is designed for 2 players and involves tantalizing tie and tease gameplay. The exciting and thrilling seduction game offers an introduction to the world of mild bondage and is suitable for first-time and experienced users. Play to win by accumulating points that you swap for rewards.

The erotic game comprises of a pair of dice, a length of rope, a luxurious eye mask, a deck of playing cards, an exotic tickling feather and rule booklet with simple instructions. The comprehensive kit contains everything you need for intimate and adventurous seduction on a new level. The game involves rolling the dice and accumulating points before drawing an activity card. Players can immediately redeem the reward or hold on to it for ultimate satisfaction once all rounds have been played.

This sensual game is perfect for intimate exploration and imaginative fantasy play. The game allows you to set the rules while spicing up the tantalising and tempting pleasure. Enjoy tying up and teasing your lover into submission, and receiving the same pleasurable punishment in return.


– Includes: Pair of dice, rope, mask, deck of cards, feather, rule booklet
– For 1 couple




  • Tarot cards for lovers
  • Mystify your lover by accurately predicting tonight’s sexual future with Sex Fortunes
  • Deal out your lover’s 10 card fortune and then act out the fortunes they want to come true
  • Includes 78 Sex Fortune Cards and an illustrated instruction booklet


  • The quick and easy game that gets you laid!
  • Includes 48 Let’s F*ck Cards and 4 Let’s Fck Wild Cards
  • Plus rules for games – F*ck Fortunes, Match & F*ck and Personal F*ck Questions


  • The classic I Never game with 552 What the f*ck? styled statements
  • Get your friends to admit the most f*cked up things they have ever done!
  • When you believe players are not admitting to something f*cked up that you know they’ve done, you get to coerce them.


Adult Charades Game


Seduce your lover with the sexiest game of romance and chocolate! Indulge in delectable ecstasy with 36 uniquely decadent chocolate adventures. The Game of Chocolate Decadence offers many nights of delicious gameplay with a fun, easy-to-understand and creative game board format. Enjoy sensual foreplay and experiment with body chocolate while earning Chocolate Decadence rewards for the end of the game.

Includes: 36 Chocolate Decadence game cards, a 1 oz. bottle of sumptuous body chocolate, a game board, a brush, two game markers, a die, and game rules.

Translated in English, Español, Deutsch, and Français.


Bumps & Grinds DVD Edition Game


Heavenly Nights Love Cheques


Getting & Giving Amazing Fellatio Kit


Mr and Mrs Trivia Card Game. The groom answers all the questions on the “for her” cards and the bride answers on the “for him” cards. Then the decks are given to close friends for each. Quiz the Bride with the “for her” cards and vice versa with the Groom. How well do you know the Bride?


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