Crystals - Droplets Black


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Formed into a wonderfully wide bulbous curve that diminishes gradually in size it flows down to a firm, circular base, this versatile Crystal glass offering from ns novelties is manageable, precise and nothing if not satisfying. Ideal for teasingly shallow or dreamily deep penetration, the Droplets dildo functions wonderfully as either a vaginal or anal pleasure object.

Unrelentingly firm and straight as an arrow, the shape of this dildo lends itself extremely well to unisex play, be it solo or shared. Widest at the tip, insertion is made fantastically dramatic, while the subtle reverse graduation stimulates uniquely as it allows for perfect placement. A wonderfully safe, stand alone base fits naturally in the palm of the hand, allowing the shaft to be rocked and massaged once the unique shape has chosen sweet spots targeted.

Made from a deliciously weighty borosilicate glass, the Droplets dildo is extremely solid and firm, making it precise and very easy to maneuver and control. You’ll adore how sensitive to temperature glass is, it’ll naturally heat up to your body temperature with touch and use, or, if you so desire, play with this exciting feature even more by soaking in warm or cool water prior to play. Glass is also incomparably hygienic, a definite plus when it comes to anal toys, it’s completely nonporous and incredibly easy to clean, a good wash in soap and water works well, but you can also sterilize your Droplets by placing it in the top rack of the dishwasher, popping it in boiling water, or wiping with a bleach solution. You’ll be able to use your choice of lube, oil, silicone or water based will work very well, and you’ll find that less is more, when it comes to glass. There’s no maintenance required, simply it clean- and provided your dildo is stored properly and protected from abrasive surfaces that could cause chipping or scratches, it could last a lifetime.

  • Length: 5.75″
  • Insertable Length: 5.25″
  • Girth: 4.9″ at largest point
  • Width: 1.5″ at largest point
  • Materials: Glass
  • Special Features: Hypoallergenic, Phthalate-Free, Smooth Surface, Waterproof


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Crystals - Droplets Black

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