Leather Male Mask - Black


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Leather Male Mask – Black

This semi-open LEATHER MALE MASK made from high-quality genuine saddle leather is a serious addition to any BDSM lover’s collection! Through a variety of leather strands, the mask can be adjusted optimally to fit most head sizes perfect for delivering a tighter fit for an unruly sub. The partially exposed and intricate design, this mask is a perfect choice for masters and subs as a grin of delight or painful grimace are both easily seen through the leather mesh. Twenty-two shiny press-studs and a metal leash attachment give this mask the character of a serious piece of equipment! The supple leather of the mask is 4mm (0.16″) thick and it weighs a hefty 340 grams (12oz.).

  • This semi-open mask is made from high quality genuine saddle leather
  • This product is a serious addition to any BDSM lover’s collection
  • The mask is adjustable optimally and fit most head sizes
  • The twenty-two shiny studs and the metal leash give the mask a great look
  • The leather of the mask is 4mm thick


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Leather Male Mask - Black

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