Real Leather Bullwhip


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Crack that whip! This heavy-duty LEATHER BULLWHIP is made from genuine cowhide leather, has a short rigid handle and a flexible leash. The handle has a loop for easy handling and a more secure grip, while the tail end has a small flogging brush for extra sensation. This whip enables you to perform accurate, strong, loud cracks of the whip without harming your partner. The OUCH! LEATHER BULLWHIP has a total length of 147cm (58”) including the handle that measures 24cm (9.5”). It has a diameter of 2.4cm (0.95”) and weighs 450 grams (15.9oz).

  • This bullwhip is made from genuine cowhide leather
  • The short rigid handle has an wrist loop for easy handling
  • The end of this flexible leash has a small flogging brush for extra sensation
  • The whip makes an incredible sound without even hurting your partner!
  • A total lenght of 58″ and a diameter of 0.95″


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Real Leather Bullwhip

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