Restraint Ankle Cuff with Padlock


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This professional RESTRAINT ANKLE CUFF WITH PADLOCK will show who’s the boss in your BDSM adventures! Keep your disobedient sub under strict control at all times. Made from genuine supple saddle leather these adjustable ankle cuffs mean business! Even the most excitable of lovers will stay in place when you attach the sturdy metal D-ring anywhere you like. The ankle cuff has 9 different measurement settings for a snug fit and comes with a stainless steel padlock, including 2 keys, for extra security. It has a total length of 36cm (14”), a width of 6.9cm (2.7”) and weighs 300 grams (10.6oz).

  • These professional ankle cuffs come with a padlock, including 2 keys for extra security
  • Made from genuine supple saddle leather
  • Easy to adjust with its leather strap
  • The D-ring makes it possible to attach your partner to nearly anything
  • the cuffs have a total lenght of 14″ and a width of 2,7″


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Restraint Ankle Cuff with Padlock

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