Starry Eyed Star Tipped Leather Crop

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With just one crack of this star tipped crop, and your lover will know who’s boss – make them regret it every single second as you declare your dominance. Made of leather, plastic and wood, this crop will make a welcome addition to your kinky toybox.

First tease your lover with the star, then please them with a smack of the crop. you know it’s going to hurt so good!

Fun Room Toys are a company that knows how to have fun. Keeping things easy and simple with their range of toys and accessories, Fun Room has a focus on couples play. With a range of seductive vibrators, novelties and games, and an extensive range of simple BDSM products all at affordable pricing, they?re hard to ignore. Enhance your intimate play and bedroom passion with this range.


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Starry Eyed Star Tipped Leather Crop

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