Cum Through Penis Plug


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Cum Through Penis Plug Cum Through Penis Plug

The Cum Through Penis Plug is a beautifully-crafted urethral toy made for comfort. It is made of 316LVM Surgical Steel so it’s body-friendly, smooth and durable.
This penis plug has a hole so all bodily fluids can readily pass through. This way, you can wear the plug for all day long, and you can sure wear it during sex!
Another great thing about this plug is that it has a glans ring. The ring keeps the plug in place and provides additional stimulation for the wearer.
Material: Stainless Steel
Insert Length: 3.8 cm/1.5 inches
Insert Max Dia: 0.7 cm/0.3 inches
Glans Ring Dia: 2.5 cm/0.98 inches   3 cm/1.2 inches


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