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What is it?

The Handsome Up Pump is a popular pump designed to help improve performance, stamina and endurance. Its patented design is not only intended to help enhance sexual performance, but it is also recommended by many satisfied customers to boost performance.

How does the Handsome Up Pump Work?

The pump uses air to help enhance your size. It consists of a bulb and cylinder connected together by a thin rubber tube. You will find that the cylinder is attached to a lubricated sleeve, place this sleeve over your penis and then gradually pump the bulb by hand. The air is pulled out of the Handsome Up Pump cylinder when the bulb is pumped, which helps to create a safe vacuum around your penis.

This vacuum created by the Handsome Up Pump has the ability to help draw an increased amount of blood towards the penis, which could help improve the strength of tissue and may cause an increased size. The vacuum created establishes an environment for the tissues to expand and potentially provide an improvement in penile size.

When will I see results?

You should start using the pump for 10-15 minutes for 4-5 times a week. This can be progressively increased as your body gets accustomed to the pumping action. To achieve the desired results it’s recommended that you build up your usage of the Handsome Up Pump to 45-60 minutes per session. Ensure after you have finished pumping that the vacuum is held for around 5-10 minutes, then gently release it and repeat a number of times. This process should be repeated a number of times. Think of it as if you were weight lifting, the more you do it, the better the results are that you can achieve.

Safe and easy to use

There should be no adverse side effects from using this penis enlargement pump when used correctly. However, to ensure this is the case, there are a few simple yet crucial rules you should always follow with the Handsome Up Pump. By sticking to these suggestions should help you to gain additional benefits. Use water-based lubricants on the sleeve to improve the seal between the male enhancement pump and you. By doing so you may not only improve comfort but also potentially boost results. Note: never use any Vaseline or petroleum –type lubricants, as these will actually degrade the pump material and seal.


Ensure that you never pump more vigorously than the instructions recommend you should, as this forceful action may cause damage. Always stop pumping the Handsome Up Pump if it starts to hurt. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, check you have used a sufficient amount of lube and that there is no swelling of redness. Make sure you clean and dry the pump thoroughly after each use.


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Handsome Up Penis Pump

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